Volkswagen Dub Drive GCC

The Challenge

With its third year running, Volkswagen wanted to extend their annual brand celebration festival to a larger audience beyond their club members. They wished to open the doors not only to the region’s VW fan clubs, but also to customers and families, creating a unique community gathering. ‘Dub Drive’ is the largest gathering for Volkswagen clubs, fans and customers in the Middle East.


Our Approach

Combining the pulse of the region with the core of the brand, we curated a two-day festival in Abu Dhabi at the YAS Marina Circuit Grand Prix. The uniqueness of this experience was to highlight and celebrate the ‘Love for the VW Brand’ that brings people together, globally and in the GCC region.The festival welcomed participation in a city-wide parade around Abu Dhabi, featuring more than 300 Volkswagen cars.The first day of the festival was filled with celebration, with guests from international clubs, workshops, storytelling sessions around modified models and an evening of food and fun. The second day was reserved for the ‘petrol-heads’ and true fans of Volkswagen. Various track activities were offered, including wet braking, obstacle course driving, drifting and drag racing. The announcement of the global mascot ‘Dubbie’ for Volkswagen ‘Dub Drive’ was also well received across all age groups as well as creating brand recall for Volkswagen. ‘Dub Drive’ truly was a celebration of the community, consolidating Volkswagen’s position in the region as ‘The People’s Brand.’

20% Increase in Instagram Following

Attendance from 6 International Clubs

Participation of more than 300 Volkswagen Cars

Visitors from 7 Middle East Countries

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