The challenge

Digital advances in recent years have changed customers’ needs, expectations and attitudes, and made any form of interaction with them more complex. Companies and organizers need to offer the right content in the right place at the right time while aiming for consistency and continuity in the quest for a sustained dialogue. In an often bewildering environment, our customers may find it difficult to keep abreast of developments and adapt their strategies as necessary. Our mission is to change all that.

Our approach

To provide a guideline, we published our first Live Marketing Trend Report in 2016. The report identifies and collates mega and macro trends as well as shifts in live marketing strategy, topics and platforms. Documenting over 120 trends, it is updated annually. We organize client workshops, where together we identify new directions and make their experience marketing more sustainable and innovative. The expertise we gather in this way flows into our own strategies, concepts and practical implementation, and we are currently developing a Trend Lab, where state-of-the-art solutions can be demonstrated and experienced live.

Other Projects