The challenge

At the Dubai International Motor Show, Nissan Middle East wanted to showcase its partnership with Expo 2020 via an interactive corner, around the new Nissan Leaf as well as devise a lead generation tactic to capture audiences who visit their stand over the 5 days of the exhibition.



Our approach

Drawing inspiration from their Paris Electric Café, we created a mini café at the stand for Nissan in Dubai. In order to make the experience fun as well as informative, visitors could participate and generate energy in real-time, whilst learning about the benefits of the Leaf (Nissan’s EV). Visitors were invited to take a seat and start tapping their feet on a kinetic platform that would measure the energy created. This was visually depicted by the filling of a coffee cup. The faster the visitor would tap, the quicker the cup would fill, after which the energy generated could be claimed for an actual coffee at the stand. The visitor also had the option of choosing their latte art either as a selfie or as a Nissan logo. At the end of the activation, the Nissan Electric Café generated 3,728,795 joules of energy, filled 3,218 cups and generated 1,717 leads, making it a successful engagement for the brand.

Other Projects

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