Nissan Electric Café

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The Challenge

Nissan Middle East wanted to showcase the new Nissan Leaf – It’s flagship electric hatchback.

Their main goal was to capture leads from visitors to their stand at the Dubai International Motor Show.



Our Approach

Drawing inspiration from their Paris Electric Café, we created a mini café at their stand.

Visitors were invited to take a seat and start tapping their feet on a kinetic platform, which generated energy in real-time.

On the screen they saw a coffee cup filling up, in correspondence to the amount of energy they were producing. Once they filled the cup, they could claim a real coffee from our barista – complete with branded or selfie latte art.

The Results

At the end of the activation, the Nissan Electric Café generated 3,728,795 joules of energy, filled 3,218 cups and left the brand with a whopping 1,717 leads to follow up with.

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