The challenge

We were tasked with staging Grand Basel, the world’s first event to present automotive masterpieces from past, present and future in an artistic, multicultural context. Apart from a tight planning and implementation phase, we also had to deal with complex logistical coordination involving high-level security measures and the timing of the arrival of exhibits from all over the world. On top of that, the event architecture had to be rugged and adjustable enough to travel the world.

Our approach

The team liaised closely with the client, taking its inspiration from art galleries, and designed a modular, framework-based architectural style that was reduced to essentials and put the spotlight on the exhibits, clearly setting it apart from the classic car show genre. The system combined the presentation of the vehicles with the necessary lounges. The individual elements can be arranged at will, making it perfect for use in any situation. In addition to the 56 frames for 100 automotive masterpieces, our team also designed and built a Collectors’ Lounge and a mall covering an area of 32,000 square metres.

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