The challenge

Our team was tasked with conceptualizing and designing an educational experience that would engage and captivate the busy Expo employees. The activation needed to introduce and convey to the attendees the four pillars of Cisco and act as a meet and greet with the Cisco Team. The activation needed to be compelling enough to encourage Expo employees to take out time from their busy schedules and entertaining enough for them to actually learn and participate in the onsite activities, all within a crisp 30 minutes.


Our approach

The team designed a space that allowed for discovery, entertainment, and networking. Cisco Campus as a concept provided the perfect setting for Expo employees to learn and educate themselves about the Cisco pillars. We motivated them to do so by creating multiple demo stations, where they were able to gain a stamp for each live demo attended and four stamps would enable them to participate in an onsite raffle draw. By keeping the customer journey simplified, we were able to create a fluid and free-flowing navigation throughout the experience. Live gaming, a coffee corner and outdoor seating added to the fun atmosphere creating a memorable afternoon for all.

Other Projects

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