The Challenge

Meeting the needs of an evolving industry. The watch and jewellery industry is facing new challenges as a result of digitalization and changing client needs. This evolution of the market has resulted in brands rethinking their marketing and distribution strategies with the result that a number of exhibitors decided against participating in Baselworld in 2019. Baselworld has recognized the changing needs and is actively seeking dialogue with exhibitors, retailers and the press, listening to their needs, evaluating the market trends and evolving accordingly. The objective of Baselworld is to create a watchmaking and jewellery community by transforming the existing show concept. Our mission was to create a unique presentation of this new concept as part of Baselword 2019.

Our Approach

We supported Baselworld by creating a visualization of their new concept ‚Baselworld 2020+‘. The video we produced was presented as part of a special show room experience. The ‚Baselworld 2020+‘ vision was first shared exclusively with exhibitors in the ‚Blue Room‘, before being presented to the world at the closing press conference. The ‚Blue Room‘ is representative of the future of the show. It is an exciting and innovative space that encourages an open exchange between exhibitors and the Baselworld team. It was enthusiastically received and will serve well in fostering the development of a future Baselworld community. The video also showcased numerous future innovations, such as event and experience zones. Among other things, a Retailer Summit, CEO Talks and a Virtual Reality Zone are planned. An Innovation Square will be established and a large area will be reserved for smartwatches and wearables. In addition to the reconceived show, Baselworld will offer all participants – representatives of the watch, jewellery, precious stones and technology sectors as well as journalists, bloggers and influencers, but also dealers and collectors – a digital platform with numerous information, service and networking tools throughout the year.

Other Projects

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