Spotlight on Simon Waloszek: Design in Experience Marketing

Creativepool Annual 2019 is one of the industry’s top independent awards ceremonies and
MCH Global is proud to announce that our Art Director, Simon Waloszek, was honored with two awards at the 2019 awards ceremony. To mark the occasion, we sat down with Simon to discuss the awards, the role design plays in experience marketing, and what “global” really means for creative companies in today’s world.

A Creativepool Annual one-two punch

Originally from Poland, Simon Waloszek spent several years in the UAE before joining forces with MCH Global in Dubai, where he worked on large projects with the agency before moving back to Europe to continue the journey as Art Director at our Zurich headquarters. His 15-year advertising career has spanned a multitude of creative disciplines including art direction, ATL and BTL integrated campaigns, digital and interactive design, UI/UX, virtual and augmented reality, 3D and 2D production, and strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Simon was recognized for two individual People’s Choice Awards (in graphic design and 3D design) at the Creativepool Annual. “I was both lucky and had tremendous support from MCH,” said Simon. “It’s really satisfying to be part of the industry’s creative voice and to have a chance to possibly influence someone’s mind or their creative way of thinking. I was lucky because I think I’m one of the first guys to get their hands on winning in two categories in the same year. I look forward to seeing the impact of these awards over the coming year.”

People ≠ Numbers

When we asked Simon about design’s role in experiential communication, he called out that it depends on one’s definition of the subject and reminded us that “design is not only how the colours are placed or what kind of pictures we print on the walls: it’s part of the whole communication experience. I think design plays the role of a visual guide. It completes the positioning of the given activation and our customer’s brand in the prospect’s mind.”

Simon believes that all aspects of design are part of the story and that modern design tools have opened new pathways for connecting with consumers. “I think experiential methods of marketing have created appealing opportunities to engage with people and build stronger communities. We now have people who want to be part of the conversation and who engage with tailored experiences (physically and digitally), so we have the possibility to talk to them on a completely different level… What is essential is to treat the people we are communicating to as human beings. Not numbers. Numbers come later.”

Simon says: thoughts on creativity and being “global”

Simon admits he doesn’t follow strict guidelines for staying fresh and believes the biggest asset for creatives today is having a mind that’s open to change, updates, and new influences. “My experience has been that it’s not possible to wrap creativity around some process that will always give you results. Sometimes it’s coffee, sometimes it’s full-blast Slayer murdering your eardrums, and sometimes it’s a dandelion in a spring meadow that will unleash the creative thought.”

Simon also believes that while being “global” used to be location-specific and magnitude-related for agencies, it has now taken on the new meaning of “always prepared.” He explains: “Global agencies today work with people from various backgrounds with different ideation processes and they are always ‘on.’ When Los Angeles sleeps, Hong Kong is awake, etc. That gives us an overview of what’s happening around the world 24/7 and it’s insanely important to be in touch with that constant flow of digital information with on-the-ground teams.”

While Simon Waloszek’s latest projects are currently under wraps, he looks forward to continuing the journey and seeing more outstanding work coming out of the MCH Global offices. “What we strongly believe at MCH Global is that every single scenario is an opportunity to change the image of a brand and make something unique and memorable. We believe constant change is essential to match the ever-changing minds of consumers, so we work to create an atmosphere where full creativity is flowing through all our offices around the globe. That way we don’t control the creative process, rather we provide all the different means necessary to ensure that anyone can follow their passion.”

Congratulations again to Simon Waloszek for his awards! Find out more about Simon’s winning projects by visiting the Creativepool Annual 2019 website and visit the Adobe blog for another interview with Simon for further reading on his background. We look forward to seeing what Simon will do next and stay tuned for more of the latest news from MCH Global.

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