Tailored to your needs

MCH Global is a full-service experience company with a central goal: to bring your vision to life and life to your vision. To achieve that, we supply solutions that embrace strategy, concept, design and production across all platforms.

We draw on the experience and know-how of a group network team of strategists, creatives, thinkers, builders and dreamers who combine their talents and expertise to infuse visions with unforgettable, emotionally based content.


Creating innovation & uniqueness

Our own trend report and lab help us anticipate developments in experience marketing, strategic thinking and implementation. Helping you navigate the complex challenges of today and keeping you a decisive step ahead of the competition.

Crafting strategic success

With experience of more than 500 projects, we can help define and monitor measurable objectives. We reflect target-group expectations to give you the external perspective needed to achieve strategic excellence.

Gearing brave ideas to experience

Our proprietary approach, built on solid strategic foundations, enables us to fuse big, brave ideas with visionary business objectives and take your brand to new and inspiring levels.

Ensuring visual relevance

Experienced professional designers work hand in hand with the creative team to create visually stunning scenography for every aspect of your project.

Building the dream experience

From production to operations, logistics and construction, our global teams deliver the physical and digital assets your project needs on time and on budget.

Activating your brand

Our multidisciplinary team brings your brand to life with a persuasive synthesis of fine details, compelling copy and messages, paired with visual relevance at all touchpoints.

Drawing on specialist expertise

Regardless of your needs, rely on us to supply the know-how and experience needed to implement strategies and generate maximum ROI on any event.
ROI Measurement

Maximizing your impact

We provide performance-based experience-marketing solutions and measure the quality and impact of our activities to provide a transparent assessment of our achievement.
Let's make magic