Building success in today’s experiential landscape

Crafting powerful experiences in today’s market is no easy feat. The industry has undergone immense change and consumers are better informed, always connected, and harder-to-please than ever. We sat down with MCH Global’s Chris de Abreu (Executive Creative Director) and Kathrin Morlock (Managing Director) to discuss the current state of experience marketing and how MCH Global is approaching the challenge.

Current state of  the industry

Both Chris and Kathrin agree that the industry’s greatest challenges affect both clients and agencies. The top-down, conveyer belt approach that worked for decades is no longer applicable in today’s modern, connected world. As audience needs have changed, so have client needs, and as client needs have evolved, so must agency services. “I think the European market especially is in need of a new approach,” says Chris. “I think there needs to be an update of how we look at the whole thing.” Brands need stories and experiences that are relevant to their consumers and bring something valuable to the table. “The key challenge for a brand is to try and push their message in a way that doesn’t feel like sales, [rather like] something that adds value to people’s lives,” highlights Chris.

The key lies in being able to transform brand messaging into experiences that leave a memorable impact. Producing that “wow” moment for consumers requires agencies that are agile enough to stay ahead of the market, setting trends and not simply following them. “A client’s biggest challenge today, in an ever-changing market, is being ahead of what’s next. And for us, it’s serving our clients along their customer journey, and really making sure we’re creating an impact for their activities in experience marketing,” explains Kathrin.

The most important skills needed for success

“I think the most important skills to have in an agency is like being a Swiss Army Knife,” says Chris, referencing that cherished tool whose main virtue is being able to tackle virtually any problem with ease. Applied to agency services, that translates into agility and the ability to think laterally. “I’m coming from a creative perspective, but I need to understand the strategic side, project management side, production side, and the account management side,” Chris explained. “You need to be open and have a number of skills that allow you to deliver any given project. What the client is requesting is non-linear, so your answer should also be non-linear.”

MCH Global takes a holistic approach to experience marketing, offering bold creative thinking, Reflection Marketing’s high-impact strategies, and Expomobilia’s innovative implementation in a one-stop-shop. “We are not offering only one piece of the cake, you really get the whole cake with us,” says Kathrin. “We reduce complexity on the client side with one account manager along the whole 360 degree approach to experience marketing. We have been combining our strengths for years… Now, we can make sure all the services we offer are measured accordingly to ensure there’s the impact that was expected for the marketing spend.”

Watch the video above for the full interview and stay tuned for future episodes to come from the MCH Global “Expert Talk” series.

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