Female Leadership and Diversity Management at MCH Global

March 8th has been recognized since 1911 as International Women’s Day, “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.”(1) There are still great barriers to be broken when it comes to team diversity in the workplace, but breaking barriers is something we have never shied away from here at MCH Global. We invite you to join us now in celebrating unity, reflection, and action, as we speak with our Managing Director Kathrin Morlock about female leadership and diversity management.

Women in leadership positions

Many of the first women to become corporate office executives in the 1970s found themselves forced to adapt to the style of their male counterparts in order to climb the corporate ladder. “I started in the industry 15 years ago,” explained Kathrin. “Most of the time, I was the only lady in a room full of cowboys and men.” Many women in the workforce struggle with feeling undervalued and Kathrin is no stranger to the feeling. She remarks, “I think I felt more challenged because I was underestimated, so I was always pushing for more.”

Kathrin’s comments reflect a larger trend in female leadership, as evidenced in a 2014 study (2) on women leaders, which found that women share a number of characteristics that help distinguish them from their male colleagues. These characteristics include being more persuasive; learning from adversity; being more likely to take risks; and displaying inclusive, team-building leadership styles when it comes to decision making.

Self-awareness and iron will

MCH Global believes Kathrin is part of a new generation of executives. Not only because she is a woman, but because she combines many of the (typically) feminine and masculine traits of leadership including self-confidence, determination, empathy and a customer focus. When asked if she had any advice for women pursuing a leadership role in experience marketing, she said, “I think it’s a lot of self-awareness. Be aware of your competencies and failures, know what you are able to achieve, and feel responsible for what you are doing. Really act like it’s your own company.”

Fostering team diversity

Kathrin recognizes there is still a need for increased diversity in the workplace. “There’s a lack of diversity in the industry for sure,” she says, “but I’ve been privileged to have worked with diverse teams. And when I say diverse, I also mean diversity in terms of competencies, not only in regard to gender or nationality.”

Kathrin understands the importance of diversity and applies it to building her own MCH Global teams. “We work in all industries, national and international, so we’re really challenged by all kinds of diversity. If you are able to setup the right teams that meet the client’s needs, that’s really the key thing you need nowadays, especially in our business.”

We are proud to say that it’s people like Kathrin who help shape and embody the values of our company, and in her words, “Never lose the client focus. Then love what you do and be what you want.” Our hats are off to Kathrin and we’re wishing you a happy International Women’s Day from all of us at MCH Global!

PS: Kathrin believes diversity extends beyond gender, age, and cultures; it also means having the right mix of backgrounds, experiences and abilities in each team, something we are proud to say is embodied in our work. Curious to know more? Explore our portfolio


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