At MCH Global we thrive on brave ideas, imaginative craft, and meticulous delivery. We’re driven by our passion for next generation experiences. With our heart in Zurich, Switzerland, our team is globally based, and multicultural. Meet us below.

Kathrin Morlock
Managing Director Switzerland
Ties Hendriks
Managing Director, Middle East & Asia
David Jäger
Director Strategy Consulting
Chris De Abreu
Global Creative Evangelist
Christine Florence Hansjosten
Executive Creative Director
Saheba Sodhi
Creative Strategist
Andreas Wetter
Head of New Business
Abby Issell
Project Coordinator
Rico Domenig
Global New Business Manager
Karim Abu
Production & Operations Manager
Karin Ammann
Head of Account Management
Florian Zeman
Senior Account Manager
Head of Experience Strategy
Thalia De Sa
Senior Account Manager
Maximiliane Edelmann
Account Manager
Rebecca Haug
Head of Project Management
Kai Rauber
Senior Project Manager
Monica Peter
Senior Project Manager
Andrea Steffen
Senior Project Manager
Franziska Vater
Project Manager
Kristina Gerhardt
Junior Project Manager
Eliana Canonica
Junior Project Manager
Najla Becirovic
Junior Project Manager
Diana Kiesel
Senior Consultant Strategy
Thomas Egli
Senior Consultant Strategy
Harry Hofstetter
Trend and Innovation Strategy Consultant
Sandy Lanz
Consultant Strategy
Anja Licka
Junior Consultant Strategy
Bob Klenk
Head of Studio
Simon Waloszek
Art Director
Vivian Perez
Art Director
Kelly Tokarz
Senior Creative
Gioia Varesi
Senior Designer
Michèle Hauri
Senior Designer
Susanne Franko
3-D Visual Designer
Ansu Ann Thomas
Multimedia Designer
Paula Mangueira
Graphic Designer
Jonathan Garcia
Production & Operations Manager
Sandrine Steiner
Marketing Director
Nicole Gaiser
Office Manager
Shiela Krebs
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Deborah Faber
Senior Project Manager
Laura Schlittler
Young Talent
Florian Faber
Richard Haemmerli
Schoscho Rufener
Member of the Board
Pascal Kreder
Member of the Board
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